Floating or flotation is therapy in which the person lies in a dense Epsom salt water solution in a tank (pod/room) that has been specially-designed for this. It is an incredible and highly-effective way of relaxing and relieving stress. This is a very widely-accepted therapy and is used by a number of world-renowned athletes to treat various sports-related conditions and aid in their recovery. It is also beneficial for those who don’t play any sports but want to better manage the stresses in their system.

Cumulative Effects

What is notable is the fact that the positive effects of flotation are also cumulative – the more frequently you use this therapy, the more you benefit. After several floats our clients frequently comment how they crave time in the float tank, it becomes very addictive. Sports-people from various fields, use this experience to optimize the effects of their training routines, manage fatigue and speed-up their recovery from sports injuries.

Which Athletes use Flotation Therapy?

Whilst flotation has been around for quite some time, it is more known in some sports than others. Commonly we see flotation being widely used within the following sports:

This list is not exclusive and with a growing momentum, jumping in now before it takes over your sport will give you the edge!


The Benefits of using a float tank in sport

As a matter of fact the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) sees flotation tank use as integral to the training regimes that their athletes’ follow. The different benefits of using flotation therapy are:

In the flotation tank, gravity isn’t a factor. The complete relaxation that it provides, gives all the muscles the much-needed break they need. The benefits are truly impressive. When the person is in the tank, every single muscle in the body gets the rest it needs and the time to recover. Though you may feel that lying in bed or a sofa has the exact same effect, the fact is that gravity is always at work and this adds stress to many parts of the body.

Furthermore epsom salts are a magnesium and sulphate – a muscle relaxant and a protein builder for your joints. Not only can you truly decompress in the float tank, you absorb the minerals whilst you float directly into your muscles, allowing you to be noticeably less tense as soon as you get up!

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