Look younger … feel better for the new year!
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Dr. John Harmeyer DDS will be in our office on Friday, January 25th from 11am-3pm offering Botox, Juvederm and Volume injections to treat: 
• Deep forehead creases and frown lines 
• Crows feet, lip smiles
• Under Nose Crease 
• Brow Lift 
• Migraines 
• Lip Smile
• Marionette lines

• Botox: $9.50 per unit
• Juvederm for smile line and forehead crease, etc (no lips)
$450 a syringe (regularly $500)
• Voluma for cheekbones
$550 a syringe (regularly $600)

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PAYMENT: Paypal, cash or check. RSVP required.

SPACE IS LIMITED. Reserve you spot today by calling (513) 913-7373. $25 deposit required to hold your spot. This will be credited upon check-in.