Flotation therapy has many proven benefits during pregnancy, as long as your physician has approved it – much like they would other relaxation techniques, such as prenatal massage or certain types of exercise.

The Feeling of Being Weightless
Your time in the float tank allows you to escape the added weight of your pregnancy during the second and third trimesters.  The weightless environment that is provided through flotation therapy takes the strain off the body and spine.  Floating pregnant also promotes improved sleep, a calming sense of well-being, and overall relaxation from strains associated with pregnancy.

The “Mirror Effect”
Many pregnant clients have asked us about the “mirror effect.”  This is the idea that because the baby is floating in the womb of the mother, and the mother is floating in the womb of the tank, there is a spiritual pleasure for the mother, as she is deepening her connection with her baby.

Relief from Pregnancy Pains
Yet another side effect of pregnancy is pain and stiffness in their backs and pelvic areas.  Expectant mothers often find considerable relief from the positioning of the fetus during a float session.  A recommended position for optimal relaxation and pain relief is to place elbows on the floor of the tank, with chin cupped in hands.  This position allows the fetus to be fully floating and the mother’s back and pelvic girdle to release the extra weight.

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